Thursday, December 1, 2011

Node.js Hosting

Just stumbled on Nodester

From their main page:

Deploy your Node.JS applications on for FREE or deploy your apps to your own private cloud instance of Nodester running in your own datacenter or on Amazon EC2, Rackspace, or GoGrid!
Nodester is an open source Node.JS Platform-as-a-Service written in Node.JS with a RESTful API designed to run in any cloud without a VPS! It was the first of it's kind and 100% open sourced under the GNU Affero license on GitHub. -> Watch the video!

Ok, that's a lot of crazy-go-nuts terms.

To sum it up:
Host your game here for free.

Benefits we are looking for:
node.js [check]
nowjs [check]
github [check]
FOSS [check]

Really something to keep in mind.

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